Why do I paint?

The subject of this blog is the simple and basic question, “Why do I paint at all?”

From an academic standpoint, sometimes the reason I paint is as simple as satisfying my own drive to address a challenging subject in a way that will effectively express my feelings about it.   Other times, I may repeat a subject to explore it from different perspectives, in different seasons or lighting conditions, or in different mediums.  I may work alongside other artists, either in person or online, to compare our approaches to the same general subject matter.  Sometimes it’s to play and experiment with new materials, a different technique, or to push myself to the next level.  And sometimes it’s to create an illustration for the purpose of teaching others.

In Class - quick sketch (#160103-w)

In Class – quick sketch (#160103-w)

After all, why do we undertake the study of any special interest?  Primarily because it does interest us and fulfills our desire to continue learning, testing and improving our understanding and skills, whether it’s painting, music, mathematics, or a sport.  Because simply doing it brings us satisfaction even as we strive for an ever-elusive “next level” of competence.

So why do I paint?  Because I want to!  It’s fun.  It gives me pleasure and satisfaction.  And it makes me observe my environment more closely than I ever did before.

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