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Budding Inspiration

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Sometimes another artist’s work serves to inspire my own creativity. Recently, I took advantage of a large ceramic pot that my daughter, Elizabeth Sinak, had designed.

140207w Still Life with Pottery

Her concept in building the coil and slab pot had been to emulate a spring-time bud emerging from the somber hues of winter. The leaves, carved from clay slabs enhanced with coil veins, and added for balance and cohesion, varied the texture and contributed interest to the overall structure.

When preparing the still-life setup for this painting, I paired the elaborated bud shape with the similar lines of the smaller, teardrop-shaped vase, which I raised onto a lathe-turned pedestal for variation of line. The larger pot’s earthy color was reiterated in the more extreme values of the smaller form, while the concept of emerging life is counterbalanced by the spent blossom at its base.

What inspires you? I’d be interested to hear.