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Graduation and Commencement

Friday, May 15th, 2020

While it’s wonderful to celebrate the end of a school year or an entire stage of learning, it’s important to keep in mind that the terms “graduation” and “commencement” don’t refer to the end of something but the beginning of something else. So even if there is no ceremony, we can still forge ahead.

This spring, whether from school or our current stage in life, let us all graduate from wherever we are and commence our journey with a fresh vision, new goals, and renewed purpose.

"Morning Has Broken" by Charlotte Mertz (11"x15" watercolor, #200403w)

“Morning Has Broken” by Charlotte Mertz
(11″x15″ watercolor, #200403w)

I find that I’ve spent so much time trying to learn that I’ve somewhat ignored the purpose for learning, which is to become productive. Oh yes, I’ve produced a lot of work as I sought to develop understanding and skills in specific areas, but without a clear, long-term direction, I tend to lose focus.  In artistic terms, I was painting without having preplanned the composition.  Though an innate painting style gradually emerged, the subject matter, varied approaches to my media, and other aspects of my work lacked a sense of unity.

So even without ceremony or certificate, I’m declaring myself GRADUATED!  Have no fear: For the rest of my life I will continue to learn. But am now commencing a new stage of life with an overarching goal in mind—one of expressing appreciation, encouragement, and hope through my artwork, words, and actions.

This spring I have begun a purposeful series, the theme of which is Faith in Adversity. It draws visual motifs primarily from landscapes of the American Southwest to exemplify Biblical scripture as it relates to our Covid19 situation. These are secular images through which a viewer is encouraged through the title or implied concept to contemplate God’s role as we navigate through these troubled times.

My hope is that these images will encourage viewers to turn their focus from their immediate circumstances to refocus on their faith and the promise of a better future.

Waging the War

Friday, May 1st, 2020

There are many ways to fight a war.  Focused on our own discomfort of being at home in the “underground” of the War of Covid19, many of us seem often to forget those troops in the febrile and sleepless battle being waged at the front—in the hospitals and research labs. Too often we take for granted the “couriers” who maintain our lines of communication and the “supply lines” that provide for our physical needs.

"A Greater Love," by Charlotte Mertz (11"x15" watercolor, #200410w)

“A Greater Love,” by Charlotte Mertz
(11″x15″ watercolor, #200410w)

Many in the “underground” are making masks, reaching out to help neighbors more vulnerable than they themselves are, teaching others unexplored skills, and serving the community in numerous other ways while observing new and often uncomfortable new social procedures and limitations. I appreciate all the efforts being made to make a difficult time more tolerable.

Thanks to the support staffs in many residential facilities, who have left their own homes to temporarily live on site to ensure that their vulnerable clients are not exposed to health threats from outside the residence.

I appreciate the “couriers” who keep landlines and wireless services operating, transport our mail, and deliver supplies to our doors, and the innovators who develop alternative means of delivering such services as health and education remotely.

And what would we do without those in the “supply line” who are doing their best to reroute food and other necessities to those few physical outlets that remain open, to the stockers, shipping staffs, truckers, and check-out personnel who facilitate necessary purchases and deliveries?

Today I particularly want to say “Thank you!” to those who have and continue to put their own comfort and safety on the line in order to take care of the rest of us. Thank you all!