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“So, what’s it to you?”

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

It’s fun sometimes to take a good, close look at an everyday object to see beauties we don’t normally take time to appreciate. An open mind, a fresh way of looking at things – these keep me alert and keep the world interesting. How can we get bored when there’s a new discovery to make simply through closer study of what we think we already know?

110805 Eye of the Moon

One day I picked up a moon shell, at first glance round and gray, rather undistinguished and dull. But a closer look drew me into its vortex. There I discovered colors and textures and understated line that cried out to me to paint them.

In trying to categorize my finished painting, “Eye of the Moon” (#110805), no established category seemed to fit. What was it? A still-life? An animal? An abstract? But then, … does the category even matter? It is what it is, and that is open to the viewer’s interpretation. So I’m calling it an abstract, though it is actually merely a loosely rendered depiction of an actual form.

The question is less “What is it?” than “What is it to you?” And that’s part of what art is about – allowing our eyes to see the unexpected and our minds to read the unexpected into what we see.