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The School of (H)oops

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

This past summer, as often happens after my spring classes have ended and my routine is disrupted by family visits and other travels, my painting output began to slack off. Instead of completing several pieces a week, I felt fortunate to have completed one every week or two. That was not good!

120801 Jacksonport Harbor

Early in August, I set myself a goal to paint five pieces every week. That would keep me working while allowing some leeway for schedule disruptions. The pieces didn’t have to be polished, and they didn’t have to be big. Even a little 5×7 study would count if it had a concept or purpose behind it. In fact, I decided to keep most of the pieces small and use them for learning opportunities.

I pulled out a stack of photographs that had some interesting subject matter but that also posed some composition –or other– problems. My first challenges would be to tackle some of those subjects to see if I could overcome the problems they posed. How better to improve my skills than by putting my theoretical understanding to the test?

So…is this still the “School of Oops”? Or have I finally graduated to jumping through the “School of Hoops”? Whatever you want to call it, I guess it’s just My Way of Doing It. Next time I’ll describe how I changed the composition of one photograph to create a better composed painting.