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2016 Snowbird Classes

Friday, January 15th, 2016

After not having taught my usual art classes during the Snowbird Season last year, I wanted to get back to teaching again. Taking a new tack on an old theme, this winter I’ll be offering several one-day beginner classes with focused purposes. They’ll be held in the Verandah Community in Fort Myers, Florida, for six consecutive Tuesday afternoons, beginning on January 19.

160103w In Class (quick sketch)

160103w In Class (quick sketch)

The first class will offer guidance in basic drawing skills, simplifying a form into basic shapes, developing the silhouette, and simple ways of suggesting form.

The next session will help students learn in somewhat greater depth to depict form, still working monochromatically.

The third week will be devoted to color—the three principle aspects of color, temperature bias, and how the understanding of these features can take much of the mystery out of mixing colors effectively.

We will again address the matter of form the fourth week, when we investigate how light and color can be used to enhance the impression of 3-dimensionality.

Next we’ll challenge the long-standing fallacy that watercolor is the most difficult painting medium. By understanding a few simple principles and learning some basic techniques, we can take the “R:ST RATIO” out of FRUSTRATION and make it simply FUN.

The final session will give participants an opportunity to obtain objective and constructive critiques of their own paintings, or simply learn from critiques of others’ work if they prefer, and then join in the subsequent group discussions.

Feel free to email me for further information. Class size is limited. As always, I look forward to meeting my new students, who typically keep me delving into the how’s and why’s of painting, and who always motivate me to keep learning more.