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A Foolish Mistake

Monday, April 1st, 2013

A gallery owner I spoke with this past winter said she would take a look at my work to consider for her shop. I supposed she would want to see those pieces that tried in closely with her current inventory, beach, island, and typical Florida subjects, landscapes, wildlife, and so on, so I reviewed my inventory to pull those pieces I thought would provide the best match.


After perusing my website gallery, she said she was most interested in my botanicals. My jaw dropped. Not only were the botanicals not among those I had supposed she would want, most were among my older pieces and didn’t represent my best or current work. Needless to say, she eventually opted out.

From this experience I learned two valuable lessons:
1) I should ever assume I know what someone else wants. This gallery owner didn’t want to duplicate the subject matter she was already offering, thereby establishing in-house competition among her stable of artists. Instead, she wanted appropriate subject matter she was not already carrying.
2) Even more critical was to keep my online gallery representative of work I’m proud of, purge it of out-of-date and sub-par material, and let it truly represent what I have to offer today.

After realizing that I hadn’t done many botanicals at all this past year, I decided to return to that old favorite subject for a while, focusing my next painting on a tropical flower right from my figurative backyard. That’s when “Frangipani Cluster 2” (#130301), above, came about. Watch my gallery for more new tropical botanicals coming soon.