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A Concise Suggestion

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

One of the lessons I learned this year through my quick watercolor sketch exercises was simplification. Many of my morning walks were taken through a nature preserve, which provided innumerable subjects, textures, and painting opportunities. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only creature to enjoy the area. If I stood still to paint for any length of time, I provided breakfast for an apparently famished mosquito population. So I soon learned to keep my quick-sketch stops extremely quick.

Sketch stops that, earlier in the year, would have been completed in about half an hour, were cut down to a scant five minutes. I learned that any necessary refinement, such as background or value contrasts, could be completed later, in the studio.

130724 Summer Cattails

As the wildlife became more populous through the unusually wet summer, I managed to reduce even that abbreviated working window to an even shorter timeframe. I learned to make just a few key strokes tell the story.

130813 Cattail

And in the process, I was surprised to realize how soon many of the studio revisions became virtually unnecessary, as well. Although the old adage might be claimed, that necessity is the mother of invention, it better exemplified to me the principle that practice develops confidence, and confidence permits concision.