Stopping to Smell the Roses

This spring I have been doing a series of exercises to improve my painting skills. A number of these have required thicker and more opaque paints than watercolors provide, so, as you may have guessed from my recent blogs, I’ve been using a lot of acrylics.

120401 Gramma's Roses

However, I periodically I need to “stop and smell the roses” by returning to my favorite medium. This time I did so by trying to apply many of the lessons that I’ve been studying to see if I’ve really learned them well enough to translate the principles into watercolor work.

Composition principles, control of values and saturation levels, use of complementary hues and their resulting gray tones, use of temperature in modeling forms, and even a renewed confidence in drawing all came into play in “Gramma’s Roses” (#120401), shown above.

I’ll always continue to strive for improvement, and in the process, … I’m having fun.

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2 Responses to “Stopping to Smell the Roses”

  1. Susan Gainen says:

    Charlotte — You remind us all of the pleasure of learning something new every day and applying it to all of the parts of our art. Thank you.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Learning can be such fun, and very satisfying. Art continually poses new challenges, no matter how much we have already learned, so as long as there’s a new challenge to meet, I’m ready to give it a go! I’m glad if it encourages you and others to find fun in tackling your/their own challenges, as well, artistic or otherwise.

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