Pushing It a Step Further

I found the monochromatic push-pull study, which I wrote about last time, a surprisingly difficult challenge. So I decided to apply the same push-pull concept to a full-color study. The result was “Potted Patio” (#110304) in which I was able to explore the concept of bounced light as it played along the walls of a shaded enclosure.

110304 Potted Patio

Aside from the shadows and reflected light shimmying along the white stucco, I had to consider how the light, shadows, and shapes would be reflected in the semi-gloss of the tile floor. Even the birds’ nest in the rafters posed a challenge.

But I’ve found that the very act of creating artwork is an exercise in problem solving in which the artist is faced with a series of interconnected challenges to overcome. Call it a learning experience, if you wish. I call it fun.

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