O Glory!

The challenge of painting expected colors in unexpected ways set me out on the road to paint Old Glory, backlit and translucent as it glowed in the clear summer sunshine. I wanted to paint the flag not as just as the tri-color “Red, White, and Blue” but in the values, saturations, and hue variations that the sun’s interplay with it created.

120703 Old Glory

The red stripes became multi-dimensional and multi-hued as the wind twisted and overlapped them into translucent layers.

The blue field was pure and unsaturated until folded over and shielded from the light, when it became as deep as a moonlit sky.

The white of the stripes were too brilliant and glowing to exhibit even the suggestion of shadowed ripples, yet the stars against the cobalt and midnight field were not white at all.

I love to see familiar things in unfamiliar ways. Painting helps me do that.

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