New Materials: Acrylics, Part 3

While on a roll with trying alternative paints, I decided to try another type of acrylics. I ordered a trial set of Golden’s Open Acrylics, which is touted as being slow drying to extend the workable time frame. I ordered the Golden Open Acrylic Thinner at the same time, figuring I would probably need it to lengthen the working time further, since I tend to apply my paint thinly.

Harlequin Nights

A photo I had shot in Venice inspired me to play with light and shadow in a rather abstract manner, depicted in “Harlequin Nights” (#120206), above. I began by blocking in a relatively literal sketch but allowed the composition to develop organically as I progressed. This meant building it in layers, glazing and blending, sometimes repeatedly, in various areas. And that required keeping the paint blendable and spreadable.

The Open Acrylics spread easily and afforded me a far longer working time than even the Interactive Acrylics had (see the two previous blogs). It was a great painting experience.

I tend to complete most of a painting in one session or at least in one day. A few touchups might follow in the next day or two, but in general, there is little call for “unlocking” dried paint (as Atelier terms it in regard to their Interactives). As I had discovered with the Interactives, rubbing alcohol (kept in a small spray bottle for convenience) allowed me to soften the drying Open Acrylic paint, when needed, enough that the dried paint could be lifted or wiped away from either the canvas or the palette, and it softened paint that had started to dry on my palette when water was no longer enough to do the trick. I did use the Thinner to help keep the last bits of paint from drying too quickly on my palette, but I didn’t feel a need for it most of the time.

As with the Interactives, the Open Acrylics cleaned up easily in water, while the last traces of color wiped off my palette with a squirt of rubbing alcohol. And, like the Interactives, there was no objectionable or sharp odor.

Of the two manufacturers, Golden Open is much easier to work with, provides considerably longer working time, and seems less gimmicky and more down-to-earth in its product. When it’s time to reorder, I’ll go with Golden Open.

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