Mixed feelings about sales

I have to admit that I have rather mixed feelings about selling my work. It’s exciting to know someone is so interested in it. It’s certainly affirming. I’m happy for the recipient. And I’m happy to complete the sale.

"Getting to the Point," by Charlotte Mertz  (10"x8" watercolor, #190906w)

“Getting to the Point,” by Charlotte Mertz
(10″x8″ watercolor, #190906w)

But it’s a bit like marrying off one of my children, who will always be of my conception and development, yet is no longer under my roof, no longer in my presence every day.  Just as I prepared my children for life after childhood, to not only survive but to thrive on their own, to find their own purpose and place in life, I have seen my purpose fulfilled through sharing my art, my work, thoughts, ideas, emotion, and efforts with others.

So I’m happy that my work has found a new home. But sometimes it’s a little painful to let go.

(By the way, I’m an appreciative and hands-off in-law, so have no fear if you, too, are looking to acquire one of my “children.”) But … does anyone have a hankie?

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