Foolish Fun

The painting I posted in yesterday’s blog was obviously a departure from my usual approach to more realistic subject matter. But sometimes it’s fun to escape into fantasy.

A photograph of my two grandchildren suggested a number of possibilities for a painting. I played with a variety of concepts and facial expressions to decide how I wanted to treat it. Did I want to portray children with fish faces or fish with children’s faces? Did I want to depict the children making fishy faces or playing like fish? Ah the possibilities!

As you probably saw in yesterday’s post, I decided to treat it as fantasy and forget about realism for once. The suggestion of a fish tail behind them invites interpretation.

150204w Fishy Faces

Here’s a completely different take on the idea. I chose two kinds of fish that the children’s expressions reminded me of—a surgeonfish and a damselfish. Ignoring comparative sizes, since damselfish are considerably smaller, I loosely designed the colors and faces after the appearance of actual fish. It was a challenge I hadn’t attempted previously. But it was definitely fun, a welcome change after a focused effort on a more demanding project I’ll write about some other time.

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