Entitled to celebrate!

I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest book, Elements of Great Composition: A Quick Reference for Photographers and Other Visual Artists. It’s now available in e-book format at Amazon.com!


It’s a long title for a compact little book that overflows with information to strengthen your artistic and photographic compositions.

I hope you will join me in celebrating its advent! As a special introductory offer and especially as thanks to my closest followers, I am making it available at NO COST on Sunday through Thursday this coming week only (based on Pacific Standard Time).

Knowing that so many friends were out there, waiting with bated breath (or not), kept me at the task. So thank you for your encouragement.

Feel free to tell your friends about it, too, so they can take advantage of the free offer while it’s available. Even if they miss this special introductory promotion, they may be interested anyway. So please spread the word!

If you should choose to download the book for yourself, I hope you will leave a review on Amazon so other potential readers can more easily determine if it will suit their needs. It would be a great service to both them and me.

Should you prefer to offer constructive criticism in a more private format, you’re welcome to email me through the contact page on this website. (Be sure to write “Composition” in the subject field.)

I will value your feedback.

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