Benefits of Partnering

During the past couple months I’ve participated in several discussions regarding partnering with others who share similar interests. By “partnering” I don’t mean collaboration. Most of us agree that our skills improve more rapidly when we have friends at similar levels of accomplishment with whom we can interact. We can share advice and bounce ideas off one another to deepen our thinking and broaden our understanding and perspective. It opens us to new ideas and helps us appreciate concepts that we may not have previously valued.

Sure, it’s great to have friends and family who admire what we do, but unless they can actively help us exceed our existing skill level, our abilities will progress only as rapidly as our perception and humility allow us to recognize a need for improvement and as we can find the means to advance. Or worse, indiscriminate praise can nurture an egotistical perception that we have already reached the pinnacle of our potential and leave us satisfied to stagnate at status quo.

Evaluation sessions offer opportunities to raise questions and obtain objective feedback.

Evaluation sessions offer opportunities to raise questions and obtain objective feedback.

But knowledgeable colleagues, with whom we can form mutually beneficial partnerships, can draw our attention to aspects of our pursuit that we might otherwise overlook. These can include not only what we have been doing right (encouragement that we all need) but also which aspects could be improved. They can also either point us in the right direction to find satisfactory solutions or work with us to seek out the answers we’re looking for.

I have been very fortunate in my pursuit of art to have found several people with whom to partner. First was a mentor who pointed me in the right direction to learn more on my own. I also had friends (credible, if only minimally knowledgeable) who offered considerable encouragement both in my successes and to continue striving for growth. Next, I found an affordable, self-paced on-line art school (, where I was able to acquire excellent comprehensive academic training in artistic principles. And most recently I have been fortunate to be able to partner with several very knowledgeable and skilled artists with whom I can discuss and identify creative problems and seek out workable solutions. We all benefit from our shared intellectual and experiential “database” by reinforcing our own knowledge and by gaining insights from one another to further our understanding.

If you don’t already have someone to partner with in your own pet pursuits, I encourage you to reach out to others—whether in your neighborhood or online—who share your interests and see if you can offer one another a mutually supportive friendship.

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