AVA Art Exhibit, Part 1

What does it take to pull together an art exhibit? I have an opportunity this fall to find out for myself.

The Association of Verandah Artists (AVA) has decided to hold its first art exhibit to acquaint the community with our availability as a resource and with our members and whatever artwork each of us wishes to show. As president of the recently organized group, it falls to me to plan, organize, and … well … pull it off.


Admittedly, I don’t face a lot of the issues that some organizers would. Verandah is a gated community with a clubhouse and established security. Participation will be limited to AVA members. As an organization promoting encouragement, education, and support among both novices and more established artists within the community, and with the stated purpose of the exhibit being to acquaint the community with our existence, focus will be more on variety than on quality of artwork. Therefore, we won’t have to institute a jurying process.

But how many members will participate? With snowbirds just returning to their Verandah perches, it’s difficult to estimate. How many fields of art will be represented? Probably fewer than the number of participants. How our various media (paintings, sculpture, photography, and possibly more) should best be displayed becomes a game of “What If?”

At least after working around wedding parties, dinners, and more, our venue has been booked: “No problem.” The dates, again after working around wedding parties, dinners, and more, are set: “No problem.” However, there is virtually no wall space available to hang paintings. Now, that is a big problem. Can we beg, borrow, or build movable walls to accommodate our hanging pieces? We can certainly try. I began canvassing members and recruiting assistants to help with both ideas and people-power. Meanwhile, I continue lining up participants and artwork.

Will it fly? Can I pull it off? Check back in a couple weeks to find out.

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